Join us Sundays for worship at 10:00am.

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As we are called to follow Christ, no matter if one is a new believer or someone who has spent a lifetime following Him, there is so much for us to still explore and learn. During this Sunday school quarter, we have the chance to jump into two new adult Sunday school classes that will help us better understand who God is and how he calls us to live. Please plan to join us for one of these classes.

Rooted and Built in Christ: A study in Christian maturity — Taught by Taylor Bradley, Covenant Seminary Student and Pastoral Intern in the choir room

 Just like the church in Colossae, we often hear of this or that new way to reach Christian maturity. Paul shows that our maturity is found only when we are rooted and built In Christ. Come explore in depth this letter to the church in Colossae. Along the way, we will learn together how to study our bible and apply the truths we find to our lives today.

It Just Gets WorseTaught by Pastor Tim Butler in room 126

The Book of Judges shows God’s people behaving at their very worst; when we get down to it, really much like we often do today. We do what is right in our own eyes. Join us for this study exploring human nature and how God calls us to be a holy people.