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The Book of John (Fall, 2016) September 20 - December 13


Chapter 11 - Execution of the Son of God

Here are the notes for the discussion of Chapter 11. For additional information about "what is sin?", click here....

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Chapter 10 With Christ in the Garden

Please click here for the notes for Chapter 10 (discussion on 12/6/16)....

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Chapter 1, The Incarnation of the Son of God

We had a great Bible study centered on the prologue of John 1:1-18. The Gospel of John is all about Jesus, the Word, the Messiah, the Son of God. One thing I learned in studying the prologue is how much John's writing parallels the first chapter in Genesis. "In Genesis, God is presented as speaking the creation into existence. God speaks the word and it happens: heaven an...

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Chapter 2, The Presentation of the Son of God

We had a great group attend our Tuesday a.m. Bible Study this morning. We discussed John 1:19 - 2:25 and covered Jesus as the perfect Lamb of God, His first miracle at the wedding in Cana of Galilee and Jesus' reaction when He saw the how the temple was being defiled. Here are the notes....

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Chapter 3, You Must Be Born Again

Sandra Ribeiro Schulte was the discussion leader for Tuesday, 10/11/16 - here are her notes from Chapter 3....

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Chapter 4, The Living Water

Chapter 4 discusses Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman and the healing of the Nobleman's son. Both are examples John provides to prove that Jesus is the Messiah and that His love knows no boundaries. See this week's notes....

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Chapter 5, Unheeded Miracles

Sandra Luttrell led the discussion on Chapter 5. Notes are not available....

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Chapter 9 With Christ in the Upper Room

Here are the notes from Chapter 9 (pages 83 - 92 of our study book). I apologize for posting this chapter's notes so late! I was out of town for Chapter 8 (taught by Sandra Schulte) so I don't have the notes for that week....

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Chapter 7 - The Resurrection and the Life

Chapter 11 of the Gospel of John tells the story of Lazarus and how Jesus raised him from death. On page 73 of John MacArthur's study of the Book of John, he writes, "Since the Fall, there has been a curse on the earth and that curse has sent the earth and all of its inhabitants careening and spiraling into disasters, tears, sickness and the grave. Sin was not God's purpos...

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9/20/16, Women's Bible Study Introduction

Included in the discussion notes are nuts and bolts of our Tuesday a.m. Bible study - format, snacks, location, etc. We took time to introduce ourselves and then spent time introducing the Book of John....

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